Subject: digging up another sunken steamboat  
The folks at the Arabia Steamboat Museum have found another 
sunken steamboat they want to dig up this fall (2007).  How 
about taking a
bus tour down to watch them dig for treasure.

                  A Treasure Hunt - How Wonderful -  We all love the idea if finding treasure.
                             So let's go watch this new search aboard a sunken ship.  
After years of researching the estimated 400 steamboats lost to the river and years of preparation, the Hawley family is ready to break ground over a new sunken riverboat. The summer will be spent assembling equipment for moving earth and water: bulldozers, backhoes, wells and well-drilling equipment. As soon as the crop has been harvested the equipment will be brought onto the field. The first task will be to determine how the wooden structure of the boat is lying. A series of drillings will located the hull, and the riverboat outline will be revealed and marked in the field. A professional well-drilling company will but down irrigation wells to drop the water level in the ground. Before the last dig on the Arabia, a total of 20 wells were operating around the clock, removing as much as 20,000 gallons of water every minute from the ground to keep ahead of the incoming water. Bulldozers and backhoes will be used for removing topsoil, then mud and sand. Eventually they will get down to the sunken riverboat so they can remove the wares being carried on the boat. The new collection should reveals details of frontier life during that period of time when the ship went down. Unbelievable treasures and fascinating history await, join us on this new adventure.

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